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Home owners association & management

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Why use our VvE management?

When you buy an apartment, you become co-owner of the building and become a member of the Owners' Association (VvE) by law. A VvE looks after the common interests of the owners and is responsible for the maintenance of the common parts of the building. In order to maintain or even increase the value of the property, it is important that the VvE is active.

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Your independent VVE managing partner

There is often insufficient knowledge within an Owners' Association to do the right thing in the interests of the VvE. In addition, it can be annoying to combine private and business contact with co-owners. With a professional VvE caretaker, you get both knowledge and an independent party to oversee the business part.

DOEN VvE Beheer has extensive experience in the field of VvE management. We enthusiastically take care of the management of both large and smaller associations. Every VvE is unique, which is why we deliver tailor-made solutions entirely to the client's wishes. We know our customers and understand that your property is important to you. 

Our services

VvE administrative services

Every homeowners association is obliged to keep records. DOEN VvE Beheer can, among other things, carry out the following administrative VvE services for you:

- Taking care of the VvE's correspondence
- (Digital) archiving of the administration and other files
- Creating and maintaining an owner's register
- Taking care of the complete administration
- Identifying and monitoring any possible arrears in the payment of the EfE contributions.
- Opening and managing the bank account and/or savings account in the name of the UfE
-Enabling the treasury committee to audit the annual accounts
- Preparation of the financial statements
- Preparation of a draft budget with the resulting EfE contributions
- Organising, inviting and attending a general meeting of members and taking the minutes
- Ensuring that the premises are adequately insured and/or kept insured
- Monitoring compliance with regulations

Fees for VvE administrative services:

- 1-5 flats € 187,50 per flat per year, incl. VAT.

- 6-10 flats € 151,00 per flat per year, incl. VAT.

- 11-15 flats € 120,00 per flat per year, incl. VAT.

- > 15 flats on request


VvE Technical Services

The technical management is very important to keep the building in good condition. In this way, the building retains or increases its value. By technical management we mean the following VvE services:

- Handling the daily (complaints) maintenance of the common parts and installations of the building.
- Entering into maintenance contracts on behalf of the VVE
- Advising on maintenance work
- Requesting quotations and assessing them in broad outline
- Handling and commissioning of maintenance work
- Periodically checking maintenance 
- If the VVE has an annual planning and index, we will, on the basis of this report, put maintenance work on the agenda and draw up a multi-annual budget.
- Handling all insurance cases including claims settlements
- Reachable outside office hours for urgent malfunctions and notifications (24-hour service)

Fees for administrative and technical services:

1-5 flats € 272,50 per flat per year, incl. VAT.

6-10 flats € 230,00 per flat per year, incl. VAT.

11-15 flats € 187,50 per flat per year, incl. VAT.

> 15 flats on request


Activating the VvE 

There are a number of VvE services that we also offer separately, without the management being transferred to us. We are happy to take over the entire activation of the VvE for you, after which the VvE takes over the management itself.

- Planning and attending the activation meeting and taking notes
- Taking care of the registration with the Chamber of Commerce
- Opening a bank account in the name of the VVE at a bank of your choice
- Taking out home insurance and third party liability insurance
- Preparation of a draft budget with the resulting VVE contributions
- If desired, requesting quotations for the preparation of an annual planning
These rates are available on request.

If you would like a less extensive package, this is of course also possible at a reduced rate. We will be happy to put together an adapted package for you. In this way, we can deliver tailor-made solutions for every customer.

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