The housing market is a lot more transparent than it was several years ago. There has also been an enormous increase in the number of owner-occupied homes. Consequently, this can mean that finding the home of your dreams is very difficult. DOEN NVM Real Estate Agents can help you filter through the total supply of homes to select only the homes that meet your housing requirements.

We will guide you through the entire process, from the first contact and creating a search profile to the notarial transfer. Before a house is purchased, it will generally undergo a structural inspection. Our task is to ensure that you make a wise purchase. All our efforts are focused on this.

This is without any obligation because we offer our services on the basis of NO-CURE-NO-PAY. If we do not find you a home, you do not pay anything.

Specific information on what clients can expect from us when purchasing a home, is available via the following the link What can you expect from us when purchasing a home?

For more information on the possibilities and conditions please contact our office. This is without any obligation.



If you request us to mediate in the purchase of a home, we will give you extensive information on our working method and The Hague's housing market. We will explain the characteristic features of the different districts, and will provide you with information on the average disposable income of the residents (wealth category), the type of population, public transport, shopping centres, places of entertainment, schools, access roads, etc. We will explain the different types of houses in the districts and the corresponding price ranges.

Next we will list your wishes. Together with you, we will look at what the realistic possibilities are. For example, is the type of home available in the price range or district of your preference? We will also look at alternatives, for example other districts which you might not have considered yet.


If you know what type of home you are looking for we will create a search profile for you. Based on this information we will create a search file in our system which is linked to the complete housing supply of all NVM property agents. You will receive a daily overview of the houses which match your profile. You can receive this information by mail, fax, e-mail, via telephone or via an SMS.

We will monitor the homes that come onto the market and which may be of interest to you. Maybe one of the homes that we are offering for sale meets your wishes. If this is the case, then we will inform you timely.

If you are interested in a home that we are offering for sale the situation changes. In this case we can no longer act as your property agent as we are already mediating on behalf of the sellers. You can engage another property agent to mediate on your behalf. We can refer you to a reputable NVM colleague of whom we know that they also provide the same level of service.


If you want to view a home, we will make an appointment for you. During the viewing a property agent from our office will inspect the home for imperfections. You will receive information on the location, possible soil contamination, zoning plans, urban renewal areas, etc. If applicable, you will also be informed about the advantages and drawbacks of the owners' association and any other relevant matters. The property agent will also check for any particulars such as a right of way, a rear access that is not officially registered as such, an illegal or unreported structure, or any conditions that can impede the sale, etc.

After the viewing the property agent will discuss the findings with you. If you are interested in the home, then it is wise to act quickly. We will carefully examine all relevant matters concerning the home, so that you can make a wise purchase.


Once the purchase has been effected, the sales contract will be closely examined together with you. We also offer professional advice on mortgages. (see Mortgages).

On the day of the transfer we will inspect the home with you to assess whether everything has been delivered as agreed. The meter readings will also be checked by us, however you must submit the request for the supply of energy. (See Questions and answers concerning the open energy market). This is followed by the signing of the contract at the civil-law notary's office.

You will receive a congratulatory bottle of champagne from us and your entire client file on a CD-ROM. The CD contains all the relevant information concerning your home.

We will also gladly answer any questions after the transfer has taken place.


Our service does not end with the visit to the notary and after the transfer of ownership. We want to know what you think of our service, and therefore ask you to fill in a questionnaire. You are always welcome to visit our office for a cup of coffee, and you can always contact us if you still have any questions.