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Our goal is to ensure that your provisions are in line with your personal and financial developments. At your request we will check your current insurance policies and will recommend adjustments where necessary. In the event of damage and/or loss we will handle any claims.

Our service is characterised as independent, reliable, flexible, involved and professional. We work with different financial institutions and insurance companies, and can therefore provide a good solution that is always objective. This means that the insurance or financial provisions are always geared to your wishes and interests. Our advice is free of any obligation.

Specialist in carefree living

A home should never be purchased on a rash decision. You search until you find a home that meets all your wishes. Finding the right mortgage for your home is equally important, the monthly mortgage payment must be geared to your personal situation. It is also wise to take out good house and household contents insurance. Please contact our office for more details about these services.

Insure your possessions

To enjoy carefree living in your own home it is vital to have a good insurance cover. A fortune has been invested in the home and this is well worth insuring. Adequate house insurance covers the home including the garden and ancillary buildings. Risks like fire, burglary, storm and water damage are covered. Broken glass is also insured. The household contents also need to be properly insured. The furniture, clothing, technical equipment, jewellery. If you add it all up you realise just how much is invested in your home.

Home contents insurance

Suppose that your household effects are damaged by fire. Having a good insurance against all forms of material damage is no luxury. Good home contents insurance will provide cover for all your possessions. This covers risks like fire, burglary, storm and water damage. Glass insurance is also possible. Your furniture, clothing, technical equipment, jewellery. If you add it all up you realise just how you have invested in your home.


It is advisable to take out comprehensive valuables insurance to insure items like musical instruments, jewellery, collections, computer equipment, photo or video cameras, sports and recreational equipment.

Free advisory discussion

We also provide advice on other types of insurance. Our aim is to find the best and cheapest solution for you. If would like an advisory discussion please call our office () or fill in this form, you will be contacted as soon as possible.