Renting out a home also requires thorough preparation. Every aspect must be carefully considered. Legislation, tax consequences, or a letting clause in your mortgage deed for example, could have unpleasant consequences for you if you have not carefully considered these in advance. Every home that is rented out demands its own specific approach. Therefore, we will apply every means available to achieve the desired result. This involves a customised approach whereby the procedure is specifically geared to your personal needs and the local market situation.

If you plan to rent out your home within the near future please contact us for an appointment without any obligation. Our office telephone number is , or contact us by filling in the following form, we will contact you as soon as possible after receiving the form.


Over the years DOEN NVM Real Estate Agents has specialised itself in insurance for homeowners.

Buildings insurance

If you want to rent out your home without having to worry you need good insurance. A lot of money has been invested in the property, it should therefore be properly insured. Comprehensive buildings insurance will insure against risks like fire, storm and water damage. For more information on the insurance that we offer, please contact us.

Loss of rent

The buildings insurance also covers loss of rent if the property becomes unusable.

Moveable property

If the home contains moveable property such as furniture, carpeting, curtains and fixtures, then it is important for the property owner to have contents insurance, because tenants cannot take out this insurance.

Liability insurance

Property owners can also be held liable. Suppose that a tenant slips on the smooth floor of your property, they stain their clothes because the stairs have just been painted, or their household effects suffer water damage. If you plan to entrust your insurance with our office or if you have already done so, then you can rest assured that your financial interests are safe in our reliable and professional hands.

Our goal is to ensure that your provisions are in line with your personal and financial developments. At your request we will check your current insurance and will make adjustments where necessary. In the event of damage and/or loss we will handle any claims.

Our service is characterised as independent, reliable, flexible, involved and professional. We do business with different financial institutions and insurance companies, and can therefore provide a good solution that is always objective. This means that the insurance or financial provisions are always geared to your wishes and interests. Our advice is always free of obligation.