Property management requires more than just daily attention. Duties extend to tenants, maintenance and administrative work. The execution of these duties has an effect on the property's return. Managing all these affairs requires a professional approach and above all the right attitude towards service. This mentality is characteristic of our organisation. In addition to our professional service, our clients can count on our dedication.

As a professional manager of residential and business accommodations we promote the interests of - property owners, both private individuals and institutional investors. This form of service only works if the method of management is satisfactory to both clients and tenants.

DOEN NVM Real Estate Agents understands the needs of all parties concerned. Long-term maintenance plans and ensuring the best possible useful and technical life of the properties are just as important as the administrative, accounting and tax-related work for both domestic and international customers.

Let us survey your property portfolio and critically assess it on yield, including maintenance and future prospects; this is without any obligation. This could be the first step towards a successful co-operation.