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About us

The Hague

Dr. Lelykade 60, 2583 CM The Hague

Meet our team in The Hague

Elise Smit foto 2 Elise Smit
Elise Smit
The Hague
070 - 440 00 55
CJ Boxman foto 2 CJ Boxman
CJ Boxman
The Hague
Priscilla Duivenvoorde foto 2 Priscilla Duivenvoorde
Priscilla Duivenvoorde
Financial administration
The Hague
070 - 440 00 55

Priscilla, together with her colleague Rubin, is the contact person for the The Hague office. With her cheerful character and proactive attitude, Priscilla is a stable support for our estate agents. The versatility of the real estate agency, from the first point of contact with (potential) clients to the administrative handling, is what makes this profession so much fun for her.

Mike van Duinen foto 2 Mike van Duinen
Mike van Duinen
Real Estate Agency
The Hague

Mike has been there since the office was founded and therefore knows the company through and through. Clients particularly appreciate his enthusiasm, perseverance (he will go through fire for clients), positive attitude, empathy and knowledge of the current housing market. Mike mainly focuses on sales, but also regularly makes purchases for clients and/or purchases/sales of investments in the broadest sense. What clients say about him can be found in his reviews. Finally, Mike is the proud father of a sweet daughter and loves water polo, travelling, doing chores around the house and enjoying nice dinners.

Ron Timmermans foto 2 Ron Timmermans
Ron Timmermans
Real estate ageny and appraisals
The Hague

Like Mike, Ron is a colleague of the first hour. Since the establishment of DOEN Makelaars, Ron has been a stable factor in the The Hague office. Ron is a very experienced real estate agent and with his more than 30 years of experience a highly skilled professional, too. Ron is very patient and always makes time for his clients. Ron is accessible, very collegial and really stands up for his clients. Whether it concerns an appraisal, a rental assignment, purchase or sale, Ron will be happy to help you. In his spare time Ron can be found as an ice hockey player on the ice rink. Ron loves cooking, good food and a good glass of wine.

Marilene M.P. Castricum foto 2 Marilene M.P. Castricum
Marilene M.P. Castricum
Real Estate Agency
The Hague

Marilene has been working in real estate since she was 19 years old. As a former sports teacher her energy is almost inexhaustible. She started as a secretary and the next and logical step for her was to "go into the field". For Marilene, her work at the real estate agency is her absolute passion. The different types of houses and the different clients attracted to them give her day so much variety and challenge that no two days are alike for her. Driven as she is, she will always go for the maximum result for her clients, because a satisfied and happy client is what she goes for and what gives her real satisfaction. From the first viewing to the transfer of the keys, she is always there for you. She remains involved even after the transaction. Marilene loves fitness, aerobics, good food and quality time with friends.

Sebastiaan P. de Brock foto 2 Sebastiaan P. de Brock
Sebastiaan P. de Brock
Rental and relocation services
The Hague

Sebastiaan has been active as an independent agent for many years. His love for real estate already surfaced during his studies in construction engineering and since then he was always ready to help everyone find their perfect home. Sebastiaan distinguishes himself by his extensive work for various international embassies in The Hague and is therefore specialised in the expat market. High demands and expectations are no problem and he is always ready to help everyone find their dream home. He likes to spend his free time with his family, relatives and friends and also has a sporty lifestyle.

Jamie de Bruin foto 2 Jamie de Bruin
Jamie de Bruin
Real Estate Agency
The Hague

Jamie is a spontaneous and enthusiastic real estate agent, who goes to work with great pleasure. During her studies real estate and brokerage at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, she specialised in selling, buying, managing and valuing real estate. Jamie is a real team player, nothing is too much for her.

Ingrid G.E. de Groot foto 2 Ingrid G.E. de Groot
Ingrid G.E. de Groot
Real Estate Agency
The Hague

Ingrid is a real connector and a real estate agent in heart and soul. With more than 25 years of experience, she is a professional sparring partner par excellence for her clients and colleagues. Ingrid started out as a secretary and later as a real estate agent... Although business accommodation is still one of her specialties, over the years she has specialised in the field of private use real estate. Ingrid is a passionate real estate agent, with a keen eye for detail and a good deal. The interests of her clients are paramount.

Tim Rats foto 2 Tim Rats
Tim Rats
Real Estate Agency
The Hague

Tim grew up in an entrepreneurial family. After graduating in commercial economics, Tim followed his passion for real estate, which had been with him from an early age. After having worked in the office for two years, Tim is now on his way to a future as an independent real estate agent. Tim is a real family man and will walk through fire for everyone. Besides his work Tim loves to enjoy his time with friends and sports.

Io Kam foto 2 Io Kam
Io Kam
The Hague
Mirjam C.J. Scholtes foto 2 Mirjam C.J. Scholtes
Mirjam C.J. Scholtes
Property management
The Hague

Since 2015, this champion has been in charge of the technical and financial management of our clients' real estate. Thanks to her speed, accuracy and service-minded attitude, clients can fully enjoy the return on investments without any further worries. She takes care of everything, from the payment of invoices to the outsourcing of maintenance or the production of multi-year maintenance plans. Rent collection and accounts receivable management is in more than capable hands with her. Mirjam's motto is offering complete relief; she leaves nothing to chance. Mirjam has three children. She prefers to spend her free time outdoors, on the beach, in the woods or on the tennis court.

Paul Remmert foto 2 Paul Remmert
Paul Remmert
New Business Development
The Hague

In terms of age, Paul Remmert is probably the senior of this young and dynamic organisation. But that does not mean that he is not an energetic sparring partner for the younger colleagues about, for example, strategies or working methods to be followed. Paul is mainly concerned with new business and the further development of the DOEN formula. He enjoys spending his free time with his (grand) children and strolling on the beach.

Paul H.C. Rats foto 2 Paul H.C. Rats
Paul H.C. Rats
Real Estate Agency and Investments
The Hague

Paul is the founder of DOEN NVM Makelaars. Paul is a real entrepreneur and always sees opportunities everywhere. With his cheerful character and positive attitude, he is a motivator and, as a real people person, very accessible to everyone. Real estate agency is his passion and private and commercial real estate is his specialty. Especially because of the diversity of real estate but certainly also because of the clients themselves, Paul feels right at home in real estate. Paul loves France, loves skiing, being on the water and a good glass of wine.

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